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API-570 is an inspection code for piping systems that involve process fluids, chemical products, natural gas, high-pressure gases, and other flammable or toxic fluids. It is also an inspection code for pressure relieving devices involved in piping systems. The code covers in-service inspection, rating repair, and alteration of metallic and fiberglass-reinforced plastic piping. Published in 1993, API-570 establishes the guidelines and requirements to maintain piping systems’ safety and mechanical integrity after they have been commissioned.

Piping systems that have been decommissioned are not inspected, repaired, or altered by API-570. Piping systems that are out of service for the time being and most likely will be recommissioned in the future, however, are covered by API-570. In regard to API-570 requirements, some piping systems that are below a certain threshold or fluid services involving water are optional when it comes to inspections.

API (American Petroleum Institute) offers a certification for API-570 to identify those who have a broad knowledge of repair, maintenance, inspection, and alteration of in-service metallic piping systems. Applicants must take a two-part test in order to take the test and become certified. To maintain the certification inspectors must apply for recertification every 3 years.