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CODE Steel inspects industrial tanks, manages fuel site compliance, facility inspections, and fuel filtration/polishing services. And CODE Steel has just teamed up with them. Our services include both Underground (UST) and Aboveground (AST) storage tanks throughout the United States.

CODE Steel is dedicated to providing the broadest range of testing, inspection, engineering services and compliance management by evolving to the latest and most innovative compliance solutions. Through highly qualified people, advanced technologies, and a commitment to service, quality, safety and integrity, CODE Steel will provide superior value to their customers.

All equipment is third-party certified to regulatory standards. Our technicians are the most experienced and receive rigorous training and programs. Our technicians will maintain 18 certifications.

Some of their UST services include:

  • Fuel Filtration/Polishing
  • Tank, Line and Leak Detector Compliance Testing
  • Corrosion Protection Services- survey, design, and maintenance
  • Stage I Testing in accordance with NESHAP
  • State II Vapor Testing
  • Containment System Testing & Repair
  • Compliance Management Services
  • PetroScope  Robotic Corrosion Assessment
  • TankCam Internal Video Inspections

Some of their AST services include:

  • STI SP 001 Certified Inspections
  • SPCC Plan Services
  • Compliance Management Services
  • TANCS Electronic Records Database
  • Corrosion Protection Services
  • Annual Inspections
  • Monthly/Periodic Inspections
  • TankCam Internal Video Inspections

CODE Steel’s quality control and assurance program have been an essential element of their Quality Management System (QMS). They ensure their service has the necessary qualifications, training, resources, and oversight to do the job accurately and on time, and CODE Steel will follow just that.

QMS system includes:

  • A management structure designed to ensure maximum accountability for conformance to regulatory and technical requirements and customers’ expectations.
  • Strict standards for employee ethics and performance.
  • An extensive program of continual improvement in all aspects of the business.
  • Sophisticated, redundant analysis of test data.

Quality managers perform on-site inspections of all field staff, review test data and files to verify the integrity of test results.

Safety is a top priority for CODE Steel. To keep people and the work environment as safe as possible, CODE Steel will maintain formal workplace safety and health programs designed to identify and prevent unsafe practices and conditions.

A few program examples in place include:

  • FMCSA (DOT) Training
  • Safety Pays Award/Incentive Program
  • Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s)
  • API Worksafe 1646 Training.
  • Boot Camp for Technician Trainees
  • Monthly Safety Conference Calls
  • QC Audit Program
  • Accident Investigation Program with Root Cause Analysis

CODE Steel has a strict policy about, and supportive programs concerning the detection, treatment, and prevention of substance abuse by employees to ensure safety. This alcohol and drug policy certifies a team of fit-for-work individuals who safely conduct the demanding details of CODE Steel’s work.