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What is Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Testing?

fluorescent dye penetrant testingWhen you’re running dangerous or caustic materials through your process piping, you need to be sure that your pipes are in the best condition possible. Regular testing is a must.

Because big problems grow from little cracks, they can sometimes go unnoticed by anything but the most advanced testing, which gets expensive when done on a regular basis.

There is an alternative, we offer an inexpensive dye penetrant test with a fluorescent solution that is safe and easy to work with. Fluorescent dye penetrant testing can get into smaller cracks than the standard solutions, and because it glows, even minute imperfections can be seen.

We’ve put this process to good use across multiple industries,

  • Mining
  • Refineries
  • Manufacturing

Some build shops when working on parts for heavy machinery, will run fluorescent dye penetrant tests at every stage of the fabrication to ensure that there are no cracks in the metal as it’s being forged, shaped, tempered or tested.

There are companies who put their shops and employees at risk because their equipment is running on a prayer, with no proof that the pipes or mechanics will hold up to the continued stress; don’t make this mistake.

We have testing options that yield accurate analysis in all capacities and price ranges.

Don’t sell out your safety.

Call CODE Steel.

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