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Food Service Pressure Inspections

A man wearing a white hard hat and dark work jacket is inspecting and writing on a clipboard in a mechanical room with multiple metallic pipes and valves. The pipes are insulated and marked with red arrows for direction.

Most people outside of the industry do not think about the food service application of steel, but they sure benefit from it.  Industrialized food processing is almost always done in stainless steel tanks and pipes, and there are a lot of good reasons for it.

  • easy to clean
  • discourages bacterial growth, making it resistant to contamination
  • steel does not affect the taste or color of food
  • does not pit or bend easily
  • can be used at extremely high and low temperatures

Along with the innate benefits of steel, the processing facet of the vessels used in the food industry profit manufacturers because they can be organized and automated to hold different components of the product at the same time, regardless of temperature or chemical make-up.  These elements can be transported through various processing pipes and mixed inside a pressurized steel tank, each pipe adding its contests at a precise time.

This separation of ingredients and precision timing are exactly the reasons that pressure vessel inspections are such a vital part of the food industry.  If a vessel failed and an element was added to the mixture too soon, too late or not at all, then the entire output would be wasted.  If corrosion were present, then food product could be contaminated and recalled, resulting in endangered consumers and crippling fines.  Your entire facility would have to shut down for machinery repairs and your good name and your productivity would be compromised.  That is probably something you would just rather avoid.

When CODE Steel does regular inspections on your machinery, we can make sure you don’t get into trouble because of faulty equipment.  With our nondestructive test inspections, we check your pressurized vessels for:

  • pitting
  • cracking
  • chemical corrosion

You don’t have time for equipment failures and we can help you avoid them with regular NDT inspections.  We will meet you on your turf and inspect your machinery on-site.  You aren’t the kind of person who compromises, and neither are we; we give you our best so that you can give yours.

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