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Robust access to vertical areas normally not accessible.

Code Steel uses only the latest and most advanced technologies and drone systems for their inspections and the HPX Crawler is no exception.

Using this Motorized Ultrasonic Thickness Scanner is the fastest method for inspecting remote access areas and provides for superior safety and accuracy when compared with other tank wall and roof inspection methods.

The HPX Wall Crawler (High-Performance X-Type) is the most rugged and capable magnetic crawler on the market. It has extremely high maneuverability and is equipped with a sealed position encoder for B-Scan aquisition. The HPX Crawler uses the highest power density rare earth magnet motors, and is lightweight at 12.5 lbs.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Turn-Key system includes everything needed for ultrasonic tank corrosion inspection
  • Absolutely the fastest method for inspecting remote access areas
  • A safer alternative for tank wall and roof inspection
  • Large suspension travel; the best crawler available for difficult obstructions and surfaces
  • Single and Dual element transducers for variable conditions; proprietary shoe design
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Sealed positional encoder for a B-Scan acquisition
  • Parts machined from billet 6061 Aluminum and 303 stainless steel
  • Strategic weight reduction cavities
  • Tough hard coat anodizing
  • Highest power density rare earth motors available
  • Proprietary direct drive gear set design; no chains, belts, screw sets, or clamps to allow slippage
  • Completely sealed unit
  • Improved spring detent suspension
  • Increased power, torque, and adhesion