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A small red underwater drone with a rounded body, propellers, and two large lights on the front, built for exploring underwater environments.

Can't or don’t want to take your tank down? The first of a new breed of inspections!

Introducing the Manta Robotics UT/VT swimmer. You can now get certified internal inspections on tank floors without taking your tank out of service.

Save enormous costs by avoiding shut downs, clearing out the tanks. Additionally, the Manta Robotic Swimmer system allows internal floors to be inspected without introducing personnel inside a tank and therefore avoiding safety risks that aren’t always necessary.

Code Steel uses only the best inspection technology, and Manta’s Ultrasonic Swimming System is the best in the business.

This UT swimmer drone system can maneuver around inside the tank, avoid obstructions, and navigate through nearly any in-tank obstacles.

We can help you with a quick and easy in-service inspection that meets API 653/STI SP001 inspection requirements, while avoiding all the extra costs of an out-of-service inspection.

Manta Robotics technology can perform and meet API 653 and SPCC requirements and can perform NFPA inspections as well. Code Steel provides refineries and tank owner’s an efficient, safe, and nondestructive testing (NDT) inspection for large hydrocarbon storage tanks.

Manta’s ground-breaking technology uses ultrasonic transducers to inspect the tank floor including the critical zone. This provides an accurate tank floor plate condition assessment, with limited to no downtime.

Code Steel operators have been trained and certified to use our Manta ROV equipment which has undergone extensive third-party testing and has successfully been issued Class I Div. I Group D certification/s. These certifications mean that our equipment is safe to operate in volatile conditions such as, gasoline, fuel oil, etc.


  • Has the ability to maneuver over/around internal obstructions.
  • Equipped with 2 cameras, 1 high definition and 1 infrared.
  • Weighs 20lbs.
  • Fits through manway 18” and greater.
  • UT data collection.
  • Real-time sonar positioning.
  • Certified by Intertek Testing Services for use in Class 1 Division 1 Group D environments (petroleum products).
  • Meets NFPA guidelines, using the purged and pressurized method, complying with API 653 Section as an approved method for Above-ground Tank
  • Storage (ATS) inspection methods.