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NDT Inspections in New Mexico

Because of the importance of the New Mexico economy to the rest of the country, Inspections are mandatory in most industries, which is a good thing. There are a lot of people depending on you in your industry and in our economy, not just your employees, and your company relies on the equipment running smoothly, all day every day.

You’ve probably got a boiler, some pressure or process piping, and heavy machinery, at the very least, and if one thing goes wrong, your entire operation has to go offline while you make repairs. Non-Destructive┬áTesting (NDT Inspections) make it possible for us to look inside the metal and welds of your pressure vessels, gearboxes and welds without doing any damage to your equipment or halting work on your site. We can find problems before they become inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

Here are just a few of the more common ways we can help you spot problems before they overtake you:

a vertical infographic about pipeline inspections. It explains why inspections are necessary, including ensuring safety, saving money, and protecting the environment. The middle section features a pipeline with the phrases "KEEP IT TOGETHER" and "UNDER PRESSURE." The bottom section highlights common pipeline issues and ways to identify hazards, such as magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspections.If you like this graphic, feel free to share. To put this graphic on your website or blog, just highlight, copy and paste the HTML code below: