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Safety First with Oil and Gas Storage Tanks

Oil and gas tanks

You know that staying safe on a work-site is serious; you have to oversee the safety of your crew, your vessels, and the environment. There is a lot riding on your expertise and the tanks you use; that is why you keep yourself and your equipment up-to-date with current API codes for petroleum storage. You don’t take stupid risks, and neither do we.

At CODE Steel, we follow the rules. That’s why we’ve got the word “code” in our name. Our inspections are top-notch because we know what we are looking for and the best way to get things done. We use lots of different NDT methods to test your equipment on location without putting it out of service. Because petroleum products are volatile, it is imperative that the storage tanks housing them be up to industry standards. The work they do and the chemicals they hold cause these storage tanks to suffer from the wear and tear of dangerous work. CODE Steel has highly trained professionals who administer these nondestructive tests to ensure that the equipment functions the way it should, to promote the safety, quality and longevity of the tanks.

We check these steel giants for:
• cracks
• corrosion
• compromised welds
• thinning vessel walls
• manufacturing imperfections

If imperfections or issues are identified, we make short work of them. Our qualified and experienced technicians can make repairs that will stand the test of time. We understand that this sort of maintenance needs to be done well and quickly to get your facility back to safe production. Identifying an issue early allows us to make repairs so that you can avoid costly and dangerous equipment failures and replacement. A lot of people depend on you and you can depend on us.

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