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4 Ways Mining Inspections can help your mine

MiningMining isn’t like it was even 20 years, it is a high-tech adventure which demands precision testing and inspection to produce the results the plant managers requires. Today, mines come with a lot of specialized equipment that will wear out over time and will need to be refurbished or replaced if problems become too severe; a mine manager’s nightmare.

If you oversee a mine, it’s your job to know your equipment; the best way is to have it tested. Do you know when your site was last tested? Is your equipment in need of being tested again?

At CODE Steel, our Non-Destructive tests can check for fractures, metal thinning, delamination and broken seals. So, if you’re not sure which of your assets in good working order or what to do about equipment that is showing signs of wear and tear, look no further, we can help with that! CODE Steel can quickly access your equipment and give you an analysis that outlines:

  1. What needs attention
  2. What needs to be repaired
  3. Where damage is
  4. And how urgent each problem is

CODE Steel can detect problem spots on mining equipment before they become major setbacks. At CODE Steel, we use several different types of tests to identify these problems in pipes, tanks, pressure vessels, structures, heavy equipment and more.

A few of these tests include…

  • Dye Penetrant: a dye that is applied to a section of a pipe or other equipment to highlight any cracks there may be.
  • Magnetic Particle: a process where a magnetic field is placed onto the equipment where the ferrous materials build up to show evidence of stress fractures or corrosion.
  •  a part of the equipment and the problem arises when ferrous particles attract to a certain area and will build up, forming an indication.
  • Ultrasonic Test Inspection: allows CODE Steel to look at the shell, piping heads and weld in the machinery and identify corrosion or possible weakness by sending sound waves through the metal and bounces back to a diagnostic machine.
  • Nondestructive Testing: a test that relies upon electromagnetic radiation and sound that quickly catches issues before becoming real big problems.

If you’re a mine manager and haven’t had your equipment checked in awhile, it may be time to call CODE Steel out, to ensure that your mine continues running safely.