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What are Non-Destructive Test (NDT) Inspections?

Everything in our industrialized world runs on machines. A combination of metal sheets motors and cogs welded together, pressurized and pumping life into our economy and each business in the country.

At CODE Steel, our job is to keep everything running, from industrial tanks, process piping, pressure vessels, gears, and gearboxes for heavy equipment.

Our NDT Inspections make it possible to see on, into, and through metal surfaces for weaknesses, cracks, and imperfections without risking damage to your facility or process. In fact, our methods are so safe that we can test process piping in the food industry without shutting down production.

The Types of NDT Inspections we perform are:

We can determine if and where a problem is likely to occur in your facility.

We can recommend the repair and even inspect the flaw during and after the repair to ensure the problem is resolved without becoming a liability to your business, or a danger to your employees.

CODE Steel’s NDT Inspections will save you money and headaches. Your system is your most important asset, but unfortunately, because it seems so strong, it is usually ignored and goes unmaintained until it fails.
Whether in a pressurized tank or a cog in a gearbox, catastrophic failure will bring everything to a grinding halt.

Let us help you avoid the risk and expense of a major failure by performing regular non-destructive inspections. We can prevent problems before they arise and keep your company working and growing without a hitch.

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