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Let Code Steel Keep Your Gears Running Smoothly

Some of the gear's teeth are marked with red dye, which likely shows where they've been checked for problems. The gear is part of a bigger machine, with a round flange and a shaft also visible.This becomes a specialized service each gear and how they were originally manufactured and specifically how they have worn through its life.

Gear and Gearbox Inspections are meant to assure accuracy and quality required, control rejects and scrap to lower overall cost of manufacture, control machines, and machining practices, and make necessary corrections by determining heat treat distortions.

Gear Inspection methods include the following:

  • Functional gear inspection
  • Dual flank (tight mesh)
  • Single flank (fixed center distance)
  • Analytical gear inspection

Detecting problems at an early stage can help you avoid serious damages and expensive repairs. At CODE STEEL, we understand the significance of gears and gearboxes and will make sure to detect any and all problems way before they become catastrophic. Contact us now!