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In an industry like yours, you work with some extremely dangerous equipment and a lot of people are depending on you to do your job well. Part of a job well done for you involves using tanks, boilers, and pipes that contain volatile liquids. For the sake of your patrons, your staff and yourself, you make sure to buy tanks that are well-made and strong.

But even the finest craftsmanship cannot eliminate the threat of wear, tear and corrosion.

By the very nature of the work they were made to do, these steel giants can be worn down over time. The contents they hold can be extremely hot, pressurized and hazardous. Welds can weaken and metals can be compromised. Nobody knows better than you do what kind of catastrophe would follow an equipment failure in your industry.

For that reason, there are stringent regulations for tank construction and inspections, and once fabricated, these vessels need to be properly maintained. Part of that maintenance is regular inspections, and your best bet for superior inspections is CODE Steel.

At CODE Steel, we have an expertly qualified team that is skilled and experienced at inspecting the welding, materials and structural integrity of the pressurized equipment. We perform regular inspections and can quickly identify any weaknesses that could be dangerous to those working in close proximity to machinery and make sure that your facility stays up to code. It’s what we do, and we’re the best.

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