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You know pressure.  The work you do is grueling and the equipment you use has to be tough.  And when it comes to hydropneumatic tanks, the pressure is on to make sure the equipment is in good shape.  If a hydropneumatic tank is compromised, the intense pressure of the water or wastewater and air could burst through the tank at break-neck speeds.  Even if the tank is holding clean water, the force alone of a rupture could be deadly.

Because hydropneumatic tanks have to be made of metal, and because water is naturally corrosive to metal, inspections are vital.  Rust, cracks and corrosion have to be identified before anyone gets hurt.  At CODE Steel, we can do routine inspections on your tanks to make sure that welds are strong, metal is solid and risk is kept to a minimum.

And if there is a problem, our guys at MMI Tank have the experience and qualifications to make repairs or build you a new tank.

You never crack under pressure, so make sure that your equipment doesn’t either.  Routine inspections performed by the professionals at CODE Steel can keep you, your staff and your machinery working and safe.  That’s what we do.