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CS_remote-visual-inspectionsRemote Visual Inspection (RVI) allows inspectors to look at objects and materials from afar that are inaccessible or in a dangerous environment. This type of visual inspection is used as a predictive maintenance tool to evaluate the stability and operability of fixed and transportable assets by using visual aids.

The equipment has light systems which allow inspectors to inspect objects and materials in dark places and is designed to rotate at 90 degrees to make sure nothing is missed during inspection.

Applications Using RVI:

• Gearbox Inspections
• Weld Inspections
• Turbine Inspections
• Deposits Inspections

Industries Using RVI:

• Refineries
• Chemical & Nuclear Power Plants
• Aerospace Industry
• Commercial & Military Aviation

The experts here at CODE STEEL are trained in using Remote Visual Inspection equipment and will detect any and all problems before it’s too late.