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a purple and green industrial device with handles at both ends. It has a rectangular, open frame with a gauge and various metal pipes and valves attached to one side. A yellow hose is connected to the device, indicating it might be used for pressure testing or similar industrial applications.We use vacuum boxes to make sure that your welds are holding under pressure.

These little boxes connect to a suction tank with a hose fill up with a soapy solution and adhere over the top of a weld. When pressurized, our technician is able to evaluate whether or not air is coming through the weld, by watching the bubbles in the soapy water. If they are stationary, there are no leaks in the weld, but if the bubbles are moving, growing or expanding, there is a crack where air is entering the soapy solution.

If there is a crack or fracture, our technician will be able to locate it and recommend your next action steps to get it repaired, and possible safety measures that will need to be taken, until the weld is repaired.

Keep your operation running smoothly, let us come and check it out.