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 a handheld device used for inspection or analysis, specifically an Olympus X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer. It has a black and yellow body with a handle and trigger, and a small display screen on the back. The device is labeled "Olympus X".We use Handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) Analyzers to perform our noninvasive X-Ray Analysis, especially for petroleum and petrochemical refineries.

Carbon steels with low silicon (<0.10%) content will corrode faster when exposed to sulfidation corrosion conditions, like those of an oil refinery. In fact, corrosion in these conditions has led to leaks, outages, fires, and loss of property and staff injuries in the past.

Equipment where H2-free sulfidation occurs include:

  • crude/vacuum units
  • fluid catalytic cracker units
  • coker units
  • visbreaker units

To help prevent these occurrences, we perform elemental analysis of pipes and equipment with portable XRF devices. With this in the field, we can help rapidly verify alloys, recover lost material traceability, and isolate welds to ensure that filler material composition and dilution rates are correct. We can also confirm the integrity of process piping, reaction vessels, and valves.

We know that safety is your top concern and quality is ours. We use the best tools available to ensure our tests are accurate so you can be sure that your team is safe.