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corrosion preventionYour nerves aren’t the only things made of steel in your industry; the tanks and pipes you use have to be equally strong and up to the task.  And no matter how well-made your machinery is, it is still susceptible to the damaging effects of the contents it holds.  Equipment failures can endanger your facility, the environment, and the lives of your personnel.  That is why it is vital that any corroding of your tanks and pipes is detected as soon as possible.

Because the steel used in your machinery is coated to prevent corrosion, it can be difficult to spot  once it inevitably occurs.  Regular equipment inspections are the only way to catch an issue before it becomes a devastating problem, and our guys here at MMI Tank are qualified to do just that.

There are many different kinds of testing that can be done on the machinery you use, but some methods are more efficient than others.  Your equipment is too busy for downtime and destructive testing just doesn’t seem smart.  That is why we employ nondestructive testing methods so that nothing is damaged and downtime is kept to a minimum.  We get our work done the right way and quickly so that you can do the same.

Nondestructive testing, or NDT, inspections include:

UT Inspections

Ultrasonic test inspections are done by placing a gel on the surface of welds and other areas of a tank or pipe and passing sound waves through the metal.  The way the sound waves bounce back to the reader shows any areas of thinning, pitting, and other weaknesses.

Dye Penetrant Inspections

A dye is placed on the surface of the metal and left for an amount of time to soak into any cracks or defects.  A developing agent is then placed on the surface to draw out the dye, thus indicating areas of weakness.

Remote Visual Inspections

This type of inspection is done when it is unsafe for an inspector to be near the machinery or if the machinery is in an inaccessible location.  This method allows an inspector to visually assess equipment remotely by way of video.

The only way to identify corrosion before it becomes a hazard is to have routine inspections done on the equipment in your facility.  MMI Tank is the only way to give your facility the best.

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