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Structural inspection is the evaluation of the structural condition of a building. The inspector will thoroughly observe the structural elements (foundation, framing, etc.) and whether or not they are performing their intended function.

A structural inspection is to…

  •         Ensure safety and stability
  •         Prevent damages and accidents
  •         Reduce the risk of liability

The inspection is a mere opinion from the inspector, therefore, it is largely dependent on the experience and qualifications of him or her.  When it comes to choosing an inspector, you’ll want to make sure they have are professional, certified and experienced.

A few of the structural inspection include:

  •         Remote Visual
  •         Ultrasonic Inspection
  •         Liquid Dye Penetrant
  •         Magnetic Particle

A structural inspection conducted by CODE STEEL is done by professionals who are certified, experienced, and prepared to provide clients with a full, honest report of their structure’s performance.